Corporate Governance Framework

To demonstrate in a timely and appropriate manner its functions as a holding company (business management of subsidiary banks and group companies), including the strengthening of the governance system of the group as a whole, preservation of the risk control system and creation of an internal management system, Fukuoka Financial Group shall operate under the following management and business organization framework.

Board of Directors, Directors

The number of Directors shall be 14 or less (including external Directors), and these Directors shall make decisions regarding matters stipulated by laws, ordinances and articles of incorporation, as well as discussions/decisions on basic guidelines related to group management and important matters concerning business management of subsidiary banks, business affairs of the Group and so on.

Audit & Supervisory Board, Audit & Supervisory Board Members

The number of Audit & Supervisory Board Members shall be five or less, and in addition to conducting audits of Director job performance, Audit & Supervisory Board Members shall work in close coordination with the Internal Audit Division and the accounting auditors and conduct audits regarding the status etc. of business conditions and assets of the Group as a whole. In addition, the Board of Audit & Supervisory Board Members shall report, discuss and make decisions regarding basic guidelines concerning audits of the group as a whole, audit planning, audit methods and other important matters related to auditing.

Office of Audit & Supervisory Board Members

To enable the Audit & Supervisory Board system to function efficiently, staff will be exclusively designated to support the Audit & Supervisory Board Members.

Group Management Conference

Based on basic guidelines stipulated and matters entrusted by the Board of Directors, the Group Management Committee shall discuss important matters related to business and affairs of the Group, including group management and operational planning.

Group Risk Management Committee

In addition to carrying out discussions concerning each of the risk management systems of the group as a whole, the Group Risk Management Committee shall discuss and report on matters related to asset portfolio management , compliance and counter-financial crime management.

Group IT Special Committee

To strengthen the IT governance system of the group as a whole, the Group IT Special Committee shall discuss matters related to IT strategy, system risk management and investment in IT system.

Group Compensation & Nominating Advisory Committee

To enhance transparency and fairness of our group management, the Group Compensation & Nominating Advisory Committee, an advisory body to the Board of Directors, shall discuss matters related to the appointment / dismissal and the compensation of directors.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

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