CSR Activity Policy

Implementing FFG's Group Management Principles is the same as business activities, and this is our CSR, as we work to maintain the trust that local society has invested in us as a regional financial institution, facilitate financing and serve the “public function” of contributing to the development of a sound regional economy. In this manner, we aim to fulfill our role and leverage our characteristics as a regional financial group as we strive toward the realization of a sustainable society. We work toward this end by operating in fields in which we can contribute the most to society and introduce various reforms and pursue activities designed to help create value.

Relationship between CSR and Group Management Principles (FFG's Main Stakeholders)

FFG's Definition of CSR

CSR means making balanced decisions and providing value to meet the expectations of all FFG's stakeholders, in the economic, legal, ethical and emotional senses. By achieving these objectives, we aim to promote the sustainable growth of our stakeholders and sustain FFG's expansion.