Approach toward CSR

We believe that it is important to faithfully and seriously meet the various expectations of stakeholders. FFG also considers it vital to conduct balanced decision making regarding possible synergies that contribute to FFG's own sustainable growth and that create value for stakeholders through FFG business activities. In particular, FFG's CSR consists of the CSR CUBE, a combination of the following activity areas and activity layers.

By optimizing the combination of the three activity areas and three activity layers, FFG and its employees develop various business activities in order to fulfill their responsibilities as a conscientious corporate citizen and members of the business community and contribute to social changes and new value creation by making effective use of its business resources.

Three Activity Areas for CSR
—Systemizing Activities

FFG promotes activities in three areas of CSR that the Group should undertake as a financial institution.

CSR in banking business processes

Measures that extend through all banking business, such as corporate governance, compliance and various forms of risk management and information disclosure, to establish and improve frameworks that form the basis of corporate management, and recruitment of staff and activities to reduce the Group's environmental impact.

CSR in products and services

Activities and financial business for the development and provision of social aware products and services utilizing the financial functions of the bank.

CSR through social contributions outside business activities

Measures that contribute to resolving social issues by employing management resources, such as voluntary and cultural activities, with little direct relationship to the Group's banking businesses.

Through these “three activity areas (framework)”, we are striving to create relationships that generate synergies—sustainable long-term growth and development for both stakeholders and FFG—by reinforcing balanced activities.

Three Activity Layers focused on CSR
—Activity Topics

FFG's CSR activities are independent and sustained activities related to the social issues and requests of the time, not passive reactions to them.

FFG also sets “three activity layers” as a basic orientation for these activities. These are focused on fields in which FFG can make the greatest contributions through its role and unique traits as a broad area-based regional financial group to provide support so that individual employees who develop the actual activities can possess a clearer vision and undertake concrete and multi-layered efforts.

I. Promotion of Environmental Harmony

Environmental issues with global impacts are also important for the regions with which FFG coexists. The Group is striving to restrict and reduce its environmental impact and is actively providing stakeholders with products and services that contribute to environmental preservation.

II. Lifelong Learning Support

We support lifelong learning by spreading financial knowledge appropriate for all people throughout their lives, which includes shaping the sensibilities and qualities of the children who will lead the next generation. Furthermore, as a corporate citizen we conduct various corporate educational activities.

III. Universal Action

Adhering to the slogan “kind to all,” we conduct activities to develop universal design, functionality and services that are user friendly for the elderly, the physically challenged, children and women. We take this action in our branches and other facilities, in our products and services, and in the responses of all our employees.

We are rising to the challenges of social innovation and new value creation through the development of balanced CSR management, which means the optimal combination of Three Activity Areas and Three Activity Layers.