Group Brand

Fukuoka Financial Group aims to express the “Core Value” as our commitment to continue delivering real value to customers, shareholders and the regional community and to put into practice the “Brand Slogan”.

―Brand Slogan―

To be your Bank of choice

―Group Symbol and Logo―

Fukuoka Financial Group

“Fukuoka,” a town that could be referred to as the face of Kyushu,
was used at the beginning of the name “Fukuoka Financial Group.”
The visual image and sound of the word “Fukuoka” express our group's growth, rapid progress and stability.
The message embodied in our symbol is “Link = Ring.”
Our desire to become a link between regions, people and companies is represented by a dynamic ring.
The color blue represents the “brilliant sea and sky” boasted by Kyushu, as well as our affection for the region beyond prefectural borders and organizational frameworks.

―Core Value―
Your closest bank

We will lend a sympathetic ear to, converse with and collaborate with customers.

Your reliable bank

Using our vast knowledge and information, we will offer optimal solutions to each and every
one of our customers.

Your sophisticated bank

As a professional financial service group, we will continue to make proposals that
exceed the expectations of our customers.

Key Visuals