Message from the President

Fukuoka Financial Group,
striving to be the best regional financial group,
contributing to and developing alongside the community

Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc.
Chairman of the Board & President


I would like to express my deep appreciation for your valued patronage.

The Fukuoka Financial Group is a broad area–based regional financial group with a network covering all of Kyushu, centering on Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Nagasaki prefectures. We are expanding a variety of activities contributing to development of the local economy, based on the provision of sophisticated and diverse financial services by means of a “Single Platform/Multiple Brands” management style.

We view contributing to the invigoration and development of the regional economy as our greatest mission, and based on the fundamental principle of achieving a virtuous cycle of “contribution to regional economic development” and “improvement of FFG corporate value,” we have achieved growth amid a tough environment by establishing our own unique FFG management style.

Nevertheless, the environment surrounding us regional financial institutions has become increasingly severe. A declining population, dwindling birthrate and aging society, combined with prolonged low interest rates and different sectors entering the banking business, have required regional financial institutions to build sustainable business models that can keep pace with recent rapid environmental changes.

Having positioned the decade starting from April 2016 as the “Stage of Evolution,” we have set a long-term vision of “being the Best Regional Bank, achieving a sustained strong competitive edge and potential for growth.” Under the Sixth Mid-Term Management Plan, which started in April 2019, during this “2nd Phase of Evolution” we will accelerate the structural reforms promoted during the previous mid-term plan, and by committing the freed-up resources to areas of growth, and by utilizing digital technologies, we will give concrete form to the results of reform, such as progressively enhancing our business model. We will also proceed with the building of foundations for further expansion of our business areas.

To become “the best regional financial group enjoying support from all stakeholders,” executives and employees alike will do our utmost to realize our aspiration at the time of the Group’s establishment, namely, “to be your Bank of choice.”

We look forward to your continued support and patronage into the future.