Group Management Principles

“Even amidst change, ambition never fades.”
This is Fukuoka Financial Group's management principles.

Group Management Principles

Fukuoka Financial Group aims to become a financial group
that creates values for all stakeholders by:

  • Enhancing perception and taking actions without fear of failure,
  • Pursuing high quality for future progress, and
  • Bolstering people's optimum choice.
Enhancing perception and taking actions without fear of failure

With an inquisitive “antenna” raised at all times for a wide variety of information and current world trends as well as sensitivity that allows us to be responsive, we are constantly refining our determination to take actions in various situations without fear of failure.

Pursuing high quality for future progress

We will evolve steadily by placing some of our focus on the future.
FFG's mission is to offer-with the best manners possible-products and
services that are genuinely valuable to people.

Bolstering people's optimum choice

Becoming a supporter capable of working together with our customers and partners to come up with ideas, handle problems and make choices is FFG's objective and the reason behind our existence.

Through these management principles, we aim to become recognized as a value-creating partner by our customers, the regional community, shareholders and our fellow colleagues.