Group Management Structure

Centering on banking business, we unify various functions to contribute to the invigoration of the regional economy.

Invigoration of the regional economy is unachievable by only banking business. It is necessary to support management of local companies which create local community, and also to develop products and services for every stage of life.

Centering on banking business, FFG unify various functions – securities, credit card company, and consulting etc. – to solve the problems that customers and local community are facing.


Single Platform/Multiple Brands achieves both strengthening the relations with customers and efficient management.

Since its establishment, FFG has built up Single Platform/Multiple Brands as basic management style.

Single Platform:
As the holding company, group banks share the line-up of products and services and operating systems. This enables to provide high level financial services to customers and also to achieve efficient management.

Multiple Brands:
To build solid trust of customers, the group banks that are regional-based conduct their own business and develop a face-to-face relationship.

This style also enables the pursuit of scale merits, while maintaining commitment to the region.