Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

As for returning profits to shareholders, FFG adopts a performance-based dividend policy (dividend table) based on our aim of increasing shareholder value by enhancing corporate value. Keeping our target dividend payout ratio (consolidated) at about 30% in Fifth Mid-Term Management Plan, our policy is to pay dividends according to the level of consolidated net income.
(However, this is subject to change depending on such factors as business development and risk environments, etc.).

Consolidated net income level Dividend per share (Reference value)
50 billion yen or more

Per year 85 yen -

45 - 50 billion yen

Per year 75 yen -

40 - 45 billion yen

Per year 65 yen -

35 - 40 billion yen

Per year 60 yen -

30 - 35 billion yen

Per year 55 yen -

25 - 30 billion yen

Per year 50 yen -

20 - 25 billion yen

Per year 45 yen -

15 - 20 billion yen

Per year 40 yen -

Below 15 billion yen

Per year 35 yen -


  1. Consolidated net income is net income attributable to owners of the parents.
  2. In this management plan, Target dividend payouts have been newly set for consolidated net income levels of 45.0 billion yen and above.
  3. FFG conducted a one-for-five reverse stock split of our common stock on October 1, 2018 as the effective date. The table for Dividend per Share after the reverse stock split is mentioned above. With regard to the interim dividend as of September 30, 2018, the table for Dividend per Share before the reverse stock split is effective.

Dividends per common share

Dividend Payment (yen)

Dividend Payout Ratio(%)

Dividend Payment

(Note) FFG consolidated its common shares at the ratio of one new share for every five old shares on October 1,2018 as the effective date. Accordingly, dividends prior to the end of the second quarter of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019 were calculated based on the assumption that the share consolidation had been carried out.