Management Strategy

Since its establishment in April 2007, FFG has developed into a broad area-based regional financial group with an extensive network covering all of Kyushu, centering on Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Nagasaki prefectures. During these nine years, the Group has established a fundamental management style, including its Single Platform/Multiple Brands, and it has expanded a variety of activities contributing to development of the regional economy.
Turning to the external environment, the business environment surrounding regional financial institutions is expected to become increasingly severe, due to such factors as declining birthrate and aging population, prolonged low interest rates, and the entry of firms from different sectors into the banking business.

Given this, FFG will advance a “long-term strategy” with a ten-year timeframe, based on two key themes, namely, “development of a stable financial system covering the regional economic zone” centered around the local Kyushu region and “initiatives for the development and invigoration of the regional economy.”

we have positioned the next decade starting with the FFG Fifth Mid-Term Management Plan as a new stage of evolution.
During this stage, based on the management and business foundations that we have laid so far, in addition to areas on our current trajectory, we will also actively take up the challenge in new, isolated areas, and we will evolve our business model in all aspects, including with respect to financial services, business style, human resources and organization.

Furthermore, we aim to be the “Best Regional Bank achieving a sustained strong competitive edge and potential for growth,” uniting together through a long-term vision.

Stage of Evolution

Long-term vision (goal)

The “Best Regional Bank” achieving a sustained strong competitive edge and potential for growth

The best regional financial group for all stakeholders, contributing to and developing alongside the community by providing high-quality financial services

Fundamental principle

basic policy

Achieve a virtuous cycle of “contribution to regional economic development” and “improvement of FFG corporate value,” by constantly continuing to “evolve” while anticipating changes in the business environment

Long-term Strategy

long term strategy

FFG's Mid-Term Management Plans since establishment, and image of heightened growth phase

figure of stage up