Terms and Conditions

This website, www.fukuoka-fg.com, (hereinafter “the FFG site”) is operated by Fukuoka Financial Group Inc. (hereinafter “FFG”). FFG may change these terms and conditions without prior notification.

1. Forward-Looking Information

The FFG site may include forward-looking information such as earnings forecasts. Actual results may differ from forecasts for various reasons including changes in economic conditions and market trends.

2. Copyright

Except for content whose use is permitted by the copyright holder or that is copyright free, the copyright for all content on the FFG site (information, brands, designs, etc.), as a general rule, belongs to FFG.
The unauthorized use or reproduction of content appearing on the FFG site is prohibited.

3. Disclaimer

FFG bears no responsibility for any troubles, losses, or damages due to actions based on information provided on the FFG site.
Furthermore, the FFG site may be temporarily or permanently suspended or changed without prior notification, and FFG bears no responsibility for troubles, losses, or damages caused by the suspension or change.

4. Security

FFG continually works to increase security in order to prevent troubles such as unauthorized access, tampering, or leaks from the FFG site.

5. Links to External Websites

FFG site includes numerous links to external websites operated by third parties, etc. Links to external websites are, as a general rule, marked with icons to indicate those are links to external websites. There is an intermediate screen that indicates connecting to an external website.

6. Other

There are other webpages that provide additional notes on the FFG site. Please read the webpages that provide information on terms and conditions and various types of transactions with FFG.

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As of May 1, 2016