Frequently Asked Questions

About Fukuoka Financial Group

Q. What type of corporate group is Fukuoka Financial Group?

“Fukuoka Financial Group” (FFG) is a financial holding company established in April 2007 after receiving a license to serve as a holding company with bank subsidiaries. FFG consists of three regional banks (The Bank of Fukuoka, The Kumamoto Bank and The Juhachi-Shinwa Bank) and subsidiaries. For details see Company Overview and Group Vision.

Q. What type of companies does FFG consist of?

See Group Companies for more information.

Q. What are the advantages of having a holding company structure?

Having adopted an integrated group management method based on a holding company structure, FFG has a unique management style referred to as “Single Platform/Multiple Brands”. The various Group companies make use of the brand strength that they have independently built up while promoting efforts to share and improve the risk management, internal audit, and operation systems and increasing the business efficiency of the overall Group. For details, see Group Management Structure.

Q. What is FFG's management strategy?

For information on FFG's business strategy, see Management Strategy and Group Vision.

Q. What is FFG's policy on corporate governance?

FFG is working to build a highly effective corporate governance system through various efforts, including expanding and reinforcing its management and operation systems related to risk management and internal controls and actively working to disclose information. For more information on our policy and systems related to corporate governance, see Corporate Governance Framework.

Q. What is the credit rating of each Group company?

See Ratings for information.