FFG's SDGs Priority Areas

Priority Areas for SDGs

In light of the high level of affinity between our business fields and the scope of the SDGs, as well as the opinions of our stakeholders, Fukuoka Financial Group has set areas that we should focus on to achieve the SDGs. Aiming to realize a sustainable local society while contributing to the achievement of the SDGs, FFG will continue to promote initiatives designed to solve local social and environmental issues by fulfilling our roles and leveraging our characteristics as a regional financial group.

Our Priority Areas and Corresponding SDG Targets Main Initiatives
1.Sound Growth of the Local
  • Initiatives for reginal development
  • Approaches to business feasibility assessments
  • Initiatives for PPP/PFI
  • Network for regional revitalization and development, etc.
2. Industrial Development and
Financial Innovation
  • Initiatives for Open Innovation
  • Industry research and business opportunity creation initiatives
  • iBank business
  • Minna Bank, etc.
3.Responding to the Declining
Birthrate and Aging Population
  • Business succession support
  • Long-term asset building (Investment Trusts Palette)
  • Expanding financial services for the elderly, etc.
4.Consideration for Environment
  • Environmentally/socially-conscious financing initiatives
  • Addressing climate change risks
  • Enhancement of eco-friendly products
  • Activities to promote harmony with the environment, etc.
5.Realization of an Enriched
Local Society
  • Activities that are "friendly to all" (Universal Action)
  • Lifelong learning support
  • Cultural, artistic and sports activities, etc.



& Inclusion

  • ●Promoting the active participation of diverse human resources
  • ●Fostering a free and open organizational culture
  • ●Promotion of New Work Practices
  • ●Support for balancing work and private life, etc.
7.Enhancement of Governance
  • Enhancement of corporate governance system
  • Initiatives for risk management
  • Risk Appetite Framework
  • Compliance initiatives, etc.