“To be your Bank of choice”

Group ProfileWhat is Fukuoka Financial Group?

Fukuoka Financial Group (FFG) is a broad area–based regional financial group with a network that stretches throughout Kyushu. FFG was originally established in April 2007 with two banks—The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd. and The Kumamoto Family Bank, Ltd. (which changed its name to The Kumamoto Bank, Ltd. in April 2013).The Shinwa Bank, Ltd. based in Nagasaki joined FFG in October of the same year and The Eighteenth Bank, Ltd. also did in April 2019.
In October 2020, The Eighteenth Bank merged with The Shinwa Bank, Ltd. to form The Eighteenth Shinwa Bank, thus ushering in the current structure of Fukuoka Financial Group.

FFG is one of the largest regional financial institutions in Japan, centered on three regional banks based in Kyushu and possessing group companies involved in businesses related to securities, credit card, consulting, etc.

Group MissionBeyond the banking industry, invigorate and enrich the regional community

Three banks based in Kyushu united and formed FFG in order to develop the local economy and improve customer services by expanding its sales network. We carefully read changes in the world and move forward without fear of failure. Our purpose is to find solutions to our customers’ problems. It is also the reason we exist. We are striving to become a new type of regional financial group that can meet various needs beyond the border of the banking industry.

― Group Management Principles ―

FFG aims to become a financial group
that creates value for all stakeholders by

Enhancing perceptions and taking action without fear of failure,
Pursuing high quality for future progress,
and Bolstering people’s optimum choice.

Brand SloganPromise to customers:
“To be your Bank of choice”

No matter how the times change, we possess values that should be firmly protected and passed on. What we want to become is your closest bank, your reliable bank, and your sophisticated bank to meet expectations. We incorporated this aspiration into the brand slogan “To be your Bank of choice”, as a promise to customers.
Our goal is to win the recognition of all stakeholders that we are a partner that works with them to create value by keeping this promise.