Business Model

Group Management StyleManagement style to pursue our goal of “To be your Bank of choice”

One of the most important missions of a bank is to stand by its customers and work with them to consider and resolve the problems in their lives. In order to fulfill that mission, FFG has adopted a unique management style, which we refer to as “Single Platform/Multiple Brands”.

We conduct business through three banks closely tied to the local community (Multiple Brands) in order to develop face-to-face relationships with our customers. At the same time, we provide advance financial services appropriate for the changing times and achieve greater business efficiency by integrating group management and sharing infrastructure and the specialized functions of each group company (Single Platform).

With Corporate CustomersAs a Leader of the Regional Economy

FFG’s role as a regional financial institution is not only to meet the financing needs of local small and medium enterprises. It is also to link “people, products & services, and information” of the local community and create new businesses through its extensive network. There is the additional role of supporting innovation that will open the future by promoting industry-academia-government cooperation. These are also significant obligations for FFG, an integral part of the local community that has developed a close relationship over the years.

By providing strong leadership for the regional economy, we will work to create new employment, revitalize industry, and contribute to the development of an energetic community that enriches people’s lives.

With Individual CustomersAs a Partner of Each Customer

FFG earnestly listens to the opinion of each of its customers and moves forward with them as a close partner. For every stage of life, such as marriage, birth of a child, purchase of a home, or when making decisions on educational funds, pension funds, and inheritance, we provide the most appropriate products and services.

We have made efforts so that all our customers can use our branches with greater peace of mind, such as installing ATMs with easy-to-read screens which are more accessible for the elderly and providing staff with sign-language training so they can serve customers with hearing impairments. We wish to work closely with customers and build solid trust. And this is what all of our employees aim to do.