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Kyushu's EconomyFourth Largest Regional Economy in Japan

Kyushu accounts for about 10% of Japan's overall economic output. With a GDP comparable to that of Iran,*1 the world's 26th largest economy, Kyushu is the fourth largest regional economy following the three major metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Fukuoka Prefecture, where FFG's head office is located, has the largest percent of Kyushu's population that are of working age (15~64 years old), and accounts for about 40% of total production in Kyushu.

*1 Source: Kyushu Keizai No Genjo 2017-nen Natsu-ban (Summary of Kyushu Economy 2017 Summer) released by the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Economic AreaGrowing Economic Area Extending beyond Kyushu

In recent years, the mobility of “People, Products & Services, and Work” in Kyushu has increased on account of the full launch of service on the Kyushu shinkansen (high-speed train line) and the development of highways. This has not only accelerated economic integration “within” Kyushu but also dramatically broadened its economy “beyond” Kyushu, making Kyushu the gateway to neighboring Asian countries. This includes a sudden increase of tourists from South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia and also a prominent expansion by local companies from Kyushu into Asia. As the region undergoes these changes, FFG has developed its forward-looking business of the overall area and expanded its international offices, particularly in Asia.

Industrial StructureExpanding Growth Industries in Kyushu

The economy in Kyushu boasts a well-balanced industrial structure that includes not only agricultural industries, but also manufacturing industries and service industries such as retail, services, tourism, etc. Agricultural output is 1.8 trillion yen (20% of Japan's total), and the area is an important base for both car and semiconductor manufacturing in Japan. In addition, Kyushu has a vibrant healthcare industry, such as medical services and care, and numerous research and production bases in the field of renewable energy, such as hydrogen and solar power. Furthermore, Fukuoka City and Kitakyushu City were designated National Strategic Special Zones. As industries innovate and new businesses are created, it is expected that all of Kyushu will benefit economically.