with the Community

Regional RevitalizationCreating a “Future” for Local Communities through Finance

While the economy of Kyushu, where FFG is based, possesses the potential to grow dramatically, regional communities throughout Japan are confronting structural changes such as declining birthrate, aging population, and shrinking markets due to these and other factors. Kyushu faces these same challenges. Our contribution to regional development is to apply the knowledge and know-how related to finance that FFG has acquired over many years to these various structural problems. This is one of the missions for regional financial institutions.

FFG will drive “regional revitalization” and enrich people's lives by providing optimal solutions while making the most of our overall capabilities. In addition to establishing a virtuous cycle in which “contribution to regional economic development” and “improvement of FFG corporate value” reinforce each other, we are aiming to become the “Best Regional Bank achieving a sustained strong competitive edge and potential for growth”, which is our long-term vision.

New Business ModelChallenges to Develop Leading New Business Model

The world never stops changing. Needless to say, Japan is confronting various trends that are transforming society, including globalization and advances in ICT. Not only quick response to these developments but also a forward-looking attitude is important for us. And we are working in a united fashion to establish a new business model to support financial industry for the future.

Creative ideas and ingenuity beyond the banking industry are the strengths that FFG has fostered and are the foundation of our corporate culture. We strive to be a regional financial group that provides more than what is expected at all times. With an eye on the future, we make the first move and continue to evolve.

Moving forward with the community, we continue to take on challenges and aim to be the “Best Regional Bank” achieving a sustained strong competitive edge and potential for growth.