Compliance Charter

Fukuoka Financial Group,Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”) and the Company's group companies shall regard compliance as one of the most important management issues and work towards the establishment of corporate ethics as well as the improvement and enhancement of compliance measures.
The Company, the Company Group and all officers and employees shall adhere to this Charter as well as the spirit thereof and carry out their everyday business activities with high ethical standards.

Establishment of Trust

With constant recognition of the importance of social responsibility and public missions, the Company shall work towards the establishment of long-standing and unwavering trust from its customers and society through sound and appropriate business operations.

Contribution to the Regional Community

Taking into account customer satisfaction from the customer's point of view, the Company shall contribute to the development of the regional community and economy by offering high-quality financial services that meet customer needs.

Strict Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

The Company shall strictly observe all laws, ordinances and rules, as well as conform to social norms and carry out honest and fair corporate activities.

Appropriate Management of Information

The Company shall make painstaking efforts toward appropriate control and protection of customer-related information and job-related classified information.

Communication with the Public

In addition to proactively and fairly conducting timely and appropriate information disclosure as well as making efforts to ensure management credibility and transparency, the Company shall communicate with society at large through environmental and other efforts.

Respect of Human Rights

In addition to respecting the fundamental human rights of all people, the Company shall foster an understanding of human rights through daily study and conduct corporate activities based on human dignity.

Response to Antisocial Forces

The Company shall respond to antisocial forces and organizations that threaten the order and safety of civil society in a resolute manner.

Management Personnel and Leadership by Example

Management personnel and responsible parties in each department shall recognize the importance of realizing the intentions of this Charter and, in addition to setting an example, familiarize everyone within the group of these intentions.
In the event that a situation contradicting this Charter arises, the Company shall make clear its intended approach toward resolution of the problem, conduct an investigation into the cause of the problem and take steps to prevent it from occurring again.